Life is very routine

I am not writing any thing, life has become very routine. I need some change. But I am not sure what it is. Am I not happy with life? I don’t think so…

Mornings, I don’t feel like going to office at all. But I get up early, get ready and come to the office. After coming to the office, I feel like playing a game for some time. I don’t do that, check mails, start working. Till end of the day work, work, work… No friends, no chit chats in between.

After lunch, feel like going home early and spend time with kids. Again, nope. stay till 8 go home, eat some thing and sleep. If possible read a book for some time and sleep.

I know I am missing my life…. I want some thing else. Why am I not able to stop what I am doing and do what I want to do?

I think I am afraid of life.


Hyderabad to Bhadrachalam by train and Bhadrachalam to Rajamandry by launch then back to HYD by train

Ok, I am back with our Bhadrachalam tour details. We had a very lovely trip.

Started from Hyd on 25th DEC night in Machilipatnam express and reached Bhadrachalam Road (Kothagudem) on 26th morning 4:30 AM.
It was very cold there. The train was on time, as we were 20 people it took us 20 mins to come out of the station, and we missed the bus. Even though the bus was empty it left as the bus stays at station for only 15 mins. APSRTC has 3 buses at that time and all three come at the same time and leave on time. 🙂

As it is only 1 hour journey from BHM Road to BHM there are lots of share autos. But we took normal auto and reached Bus stand. APSRTC has buses to BHM for every 30mins. We caught one and reached BHM by 6:30.

We have contacted a person called “Sekhar” who arranges rooms for visitors on commission basis (50/- per room). He booked 8 rooms for us. Otherwise visitors have to go to “Rama Sadanam” first and book the rooms from there. There are two guest houses one is “Rama Nilayam” and another is “Sita Nilayam”. The room rent there is 150/- Non AC and 350/- AC. Rooms are OK. Not that great. Maintenance is very poor. I think Devastanam can improve on this.

There is no hot water facility inside the rooms, but there are lots of people who supply hot water. They charge 10/- per bucket and they will give you nice hot water if your room is in ground floor. There are 3 floors in the guest house, people in 3rd floor and second floor has to either bring water on their own or accompany the supplier until they reach the room. 🙂

Godavari is next to these two guest houses. People can go and take a dip there. Water is very clean. The sands are filled with plastic as usual :-(. Governament has arranged some sweepers to clean the area. But I don’t think that will help. Change has to come from people.

2 sets in our batch wanted to perform Kalyanam. So they left immediately after taking bath. Devashanam allows 2 more people on one ticket on Kalyanam ticket (750/-). There are three types of Darshans. Free, 10/- and 100/-. For 100/- you can stand in front of main statue for 15mins and the Pujari does “Ashtotharam”. It is good. After Darshan, we went near Godavari and kids had a nice bath. We had lunch at a hotel called Geethanjali, which has north Indian, South Indian and Chinese food. Prices and tastes are OK.

In the evening at 3 Pm we have started to “Parnasala”. This is where Rama, Sita and Laksmana stayed in a thatched hut. We can see the renovated hut there. It is one and a half hour journey from BHM. There are RTC buses and Qualis fellows charge 1800/- per trip. They show you Parnasala and Narachiralu (Where Gogess Sita washed her clothes). We are back to BHM by 7:30PM. Evening we had dinner at Venkateswara Gardens. This place is also OK.

Next day morning at 7:30 we started from BHM and reached “Sriramagiri” by 9 AM. There are lots of launches in the place. We caught hold of the person who sold tickets to us and found our launch. It is better to ask the ticket seller about the name of the launch then our task becomes easy. The deck was almost full. We kept our entire luggage inside the launch and sat on the deck. They have covered the deck with a green mesh.

Deck Cover

Deck Cover

The launch started from Sriramagiri at about 9:45 AM. Immediately after start crew provided us nice breakfast (Upma and mysore Bujji with chutney). Then hot tea. Now set to see the scenary. It was extremely beautiful. You can see the phots and videos of Godavari and Papikondalu here.

One must enjoy the beauty. I dont think anyone can explain about it. The journey is 9 hours but you dont feel like you are tired. If you love nature, go alone. Otherwise go as a group. The launch will stop at two places. One is “Perantalapalli”, where you need to climb 20 to 30 steps and walk for 10 mins and you can see “Ramakrishna Math’s Siva temple and a small waterfall. The water is so fresh and cool. You can drink it as is.

Then lunch on the deck. This is also very nice. They have given Pulav, Kurma, Dondli subji, Tomato dal, Sambar, sweet (Ravakesari) and curd.

Some people slept on the deck after lunch and some slept inside the launch.

Inside Launch

Inside Launch

After 15 to 20 mins of travel, the crew announced that we are entering “Papikondalu”. The hills are same as other hills. Only difference is the river is narrow there and it is very deep. The water is still. It is 20 mins journey to cross Popikondalu. You can watch the videos here.

Then again river widens and normal godavari with sand and fields on either side. The other place where we had a break is “Pochamma temple”. We have not visited the temple but stayed on the banks to enjoy the river. The sand there is not good to go inside so we stood on the banks.

Crew has supplied tea at 4 PM and hot onion pakodi at 5 PM. We reached Rajamandri “Launchila Revu” by 6:30 PM. The launchi will not stop at “Patteseema” which is very close to Rajhamandri. This place has a very nice Shiva temple. But if you want to ghet down, you can ask the crew. They will drop you there and will proceed. You can see the temple and reach RJM by bus. It takes 30 mins to reach RJM by bus from Patteseema. But by launch it is 2 and half hours. So it is your choice. But you need to inform about this to the crew before it reached Patteseema.

That is all.

Want to write something

From yesterday I visited my site number of times to write something. But went back without writing anything. I don’t know why. I feel everything what I see is asking me to write something about them.

I saw the one year old kid sleeping peacefully in hot Sun after playing with his sister. His mother and father are digging the earth for constructing a house. All of them are happy irrespective of the hotness of Sun and hard work.

People around me are feeling sad about them because “they don’t have good house, the child is playing in mud, the elder one is not going to school etc.” but is it necessary? They are happy correct. They are able to enjoy their life. Why should we feel sorry about them and make them feel sorry about themselves? Why cont we leave them as they are and believe that they are doing their job correctly and respect them?

We feel sad about them and the same time we don’t give respect to them. Why is that?

Too many whys 🙂 need to find an answer.

Our Trip to Tirupati

I love this place. We visit this place every year. But there is somedifference this year because of my kids.

They said they will not come to Tirupati unless we show them some place which is interesting to them. So we planned Talakona and Horsley Hills.

When ever we go, we go with all our cousines so that kids will have their company and we will have our own company. So 17 people reachecd TTD in the afternoon and settled. We booked “Archananathara Darshanam” next day morning at 3 AM. So in the evening people who wanted to give their “Talaneelalu” went and completed that. Then had nice dinner and slept early. Next day morning got up at 1 AM and got ready reached temple at 2 AM. It was so nice. We started our darshan trip at 6AM had a very nice darshan and got good hot Annaprasadam. 🙂 came out at 8 AM.

We booked a mini van from Tirupati for our entire trip. That person came at 12 PM. We had lunch and started to “Sri Puram”. This is constructed recently by NRIs for goddess lakshmi. We can see “Richness” in the temple. But allmost all of us felt that no need to visit the place again. Because there was no piousness in the temple. While going there was breakdown for our vehicle so we had to stay in vellore on that day night. Visisted the temple next day morning.

At about 12 PM we started from Sri Puram and reached Horsley Hills by 6PM. We booked AP tourism cottage but as out trip was held for half day they have given the rooms to someother people. Lickily we got another private lodge on the hills and the rooms there also nice. We had nice hot chapathis and Sabji went out for a walk.

Weather was so cold it was excellent. Next day morning we got up and had hot puri, dosa and idly for breakfast. We need to order this in the prvious day. Puri and dosa were fine. Idly was not ok.

Then we left to see “Gali Banda”. Meaning of this is “Gali = Air”, “Banda = Rock”. One must experience the breeze.

Gali Banda in Horsley Hills

Gali Banda in Horsley Hills

Kids were so happy and they ran down the rock to explore and elders were so tensed because of the wind flow. But was thrilling to go down the rock with that wind. Must wear nice shoes with extra grip. Otherwise it is difficult to get down. The sound of the wind also amazing. generally we hear that sound only when there is cyclone. But because of the trees, it was awesome.

From there wee visited Governor’s Bunglow. The back side of this place is called suicide point. This is also great place. But must be very careful while going there. We can see entire India from this place. 🙂 Actually the Gondu cultivators cultivate the form in India shape. Wind here also amazing.

From there we have visited the small zoo where we saw one peacock dancing and some birds. There is one old tree and small coffee garden.That is all. But the place is so beautiful can spend more time exploring it. As we don’t have much time we left the place at 12 PM.

Talakona Waterfall

Talakona Waterfall

We reached Talakona by 3 PM. This is again an amazing place. There nearly 250 to 300 steps to go near the fall. As we went in summer, the fall was not in its full flow, even then it was great. The steps are not made properly. So it is better to have nice shoes. By 5 PM it was dark. Ther was not much crowd.  Peple can do tracking heare. After 5 it was not advisable as wild animals visit that place. It is better to go in the weekends as little crowd will be there. Otherwise it is very quite.

Left Talakona and reached Tirupati by 7PM and came back to HYD with full of fresh air and energy.

Next trip is to Bhadrachalam and from there to Rajamandry by launch. This time 20 of us. We are going on 25th of this month. I am waiting for that day. 🙂

I saw Kuttibalu’s blog on this trip and got inspired. Booked all the tickets every thing. I will write about it after our trip. Will give all of you the details. 🙂

Why a blog

Even I dont know why I need a blog. But recently I am feeling like I am not happy and I should do something.

What is that???

No not able to define…

So felt like write it on a paper. But paper? that will lost somewhere. So searched for a place and found computer. Shall I write it in a doc and store it in my system?

Not interesting, then???

Why cont I post it in a blog? Ya sounds interesting.

So here it is.

I am not a writer. So dont know how to write in a poetic way. But have lot of thoughts which are poetic. Let me pore all my feelings here. But is it correct to express all my feelings to public? Why should one want to do it?

Recently I saw one blog where the writer expressed her feelings about the Flu she cought up. I dont know but i felt like it is good to express.

Warm soup for the cold soul 😛

Then decided to write everything.  🙂

Who am I?

My niece (6 years) told me that when any one asks me “who I am” I must tell them that

  1. I am a human being
  2. I am a lady
  3. My name is Savitri
  4. I am a Project Manager in a software company called Axaya
  5. I love Classical Music (Any language), Old songs
  6. I speak Telugu, Hindi, English
  7. I can understand Tamil