Our Trip to Tirupati

I love this place. We visit this place every year. But there is somedifference this year because of my kids.

They said they will not come to Tirupati unless we show them some place which is interesting to them. So we planned Talakona and Horsley Hills.

When ever we go, we go with all our cousines so that kids will have their company and we will have our own company. So 17 people reachecd TTD in the afternoon and settled. We booked “Archananathara Darshanam” next day morning at 3 AM. So in the evening people who wanted to give their “Talaneelalu” went and completed that. Then had nice dinner and slept early. Next day morning got up at 1 AM and got ready reached temple at 2 AM. It was so nice. We started our darshan trip at 6AM had a very nice darshan and got good hot Annaprasadam. 🙂 came out at 8 AM.

We booked a mini van from Tirupati for our entire trip. That person came at 12 PM. We had lunch and started to “Sri Puram”. This is constructed recently by NRIs for goddess lakshmi. We can see “Richness” in the temple. But allmost all of us felt that no need to visit the place again. Because there was no piousness in the temple. While going there was breakdown for our vehicle so we had to stay in vellore on that day night. Visisted the temple next day morning.

At about 12 PM we started from Sri Puram and reached Horsley Hills by 6PM. We booked AP tourism cottage but as out trip was held for half day they have given the rooms to someother people. Lickily we got another private lodge on the hills and the rooms there also nice. We had nice hot chapathis and Sabji went out for a walk.

Weather was so cold it was excellent. Next day morning we got up and had hot puri, dosa and idly for breakfast. We need to order this in the prvious day. Puri and dosa were fine. Idly was not ok.

Then we left to see “Gali Banda”. Meaning of this is “Gali = Air”, “Banda = Rock”. One must experience the breeze.

Gali Banda in Horsley Hills

Gali Banda in Horsley Hills

Kids were so happy and they ran down the rock to explore and elders were so tensed because of the wind flow. But was thrilling to go down the rock with that wind. Must wear nice shoes with extra grip. Otherwise it is difficult to get down. The sound of the wind also amazing. generally we hear that sound only when there is cyclone. But because of the trees, it was awesome.

From there wee visited Governor’s Bunglow. The back side of this place is called suicide point. This is also great place. But must be very careful while going there. We can see entire India from this place. 🙂 Actually the Gondu cultivators cultivate the form in India shape. Wind here also amazing.

From there we have visited the small zoo where we saw one peacock dancing and some birds. There is one old tree and small coffee garden.That is all. But the place is so beautiful can spend more time exploring it. As we don’t have much time we left the place at 12 PM.

Talakona Waterfall

Talakona Waterfall

We reached Talakona by 3 PM. This is again an amazing place. There nearly 250 to 300 steps to go near the fall. As we went in summer, the fall was not in its full flow, even then it was great. The steps are not made properly. So it is better to have nice shoes. By 5 PM it was dark. Ther was not much crowd.  Peple can do tracking heare. After 5 it was not advisable as wild animals visit that place. It is better to go in the weekends as little crowd will be there. Otherwise it is very quite.

Left Talakona and reached Tirupati by 7PM and came back to HYD with full of fresh air and energy.

Next trip is to Bhadrachalam and from there to Rajamandry by launch. This time 20 of us. We are going on 25th of this month. I am waiting for that day. 🙂

I saw Kuttibalu’s blog on this trip and got inspired. Booked all the tickets every thing. I will write about it after our trip. Will give all of you the details. 🙂


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