Want to write something

From yesterday I visited my site number of times to write something. But went back without writing anything. I don’t know why. I feel everything what I see is asking me to write something about them.

I saw the one year old kid sleeping peacefully in hot Sun after playing with his sister. His mother and father are digging the earth for constructing a house. All of them are happy irrespective of the hotness of Sun and hard work.

People around me are feeling sad about them because “they don’t have good house, the child is playing in mud, the elder one is not going to school etc.” but is it necessary? They are happy correct. They are able to enjoy their life. Why should we feel sorry about them and make them feel sorry about themselves? Why cont we leave them as they are and believe that they are doing their job correctly and respect them?

We feel sad about them and the same time we don’t give respect to them. Why is that?

Too many whys 🙂 need to find an answer.


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