Life is very routine

I am not writing any thing, life has become very routine. I need some change. But I am not sure what it is. Am I not happy with life? I don’t think so…

Mornings, I don’t feel like going to office at all. But I get up early, get ready and come to the office. After coming to the office, I feel like playing a game for some time. I don’t do that, check mails, start working. Till end of the day work, work, work… No friends, no chit chats in between.

After lunch, feel like going home early and spend time with kids. Again, nope. stay till 8 go home, eat some thing and sleep. If possible read a book for some time and sleep.

I know I am missing my life…. I want some thing else. Why am I not able to stop what I am doing and do what I want to do?

I think I am afraid of life.


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  1. jenningsdominguez8
    Apr 08, 2016 @ 13:30:22

    …sogno di rubare pasticcini al lombrico in una scuola elementare e cosu00ec come tu soddisfatto constati di essere cresciuto portando la bici che ti p Click

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